Collezione ''Fall in Love''


      "Winter is not a season, it's a celebration" - Anamika Mishra

      Christmas is perhaps the most magical time of the year, the lights on and the decorated houses are something extraordinary. It is celebrated all over the world, it unites peoples, it is good for the heart. I

      n this section you'll find our "Fall in love" Autumn Collection and "Baby, it's cold outside!" the newest Winter Collection, The first one consists of six Autumn soak-off gel polish. We included a couple of "MUST HAVE", the delicate "Honey Moon", an almost white pastel light nude and "Cozy Sunday" that reminds of a warm blanket in front of a fireplace. Then we added two cold tints, "Icy Queen" a glacial light gray and "Hazelnut" that reminds of hot chocolate. SO YUMMY!

      Last but not least, we have "El Dorado" and "RocketMan". Two amazing sparkling colors perfect to celebrate Winter holidays. The second one is entirely dedicated to Christmas season. The evocative name refers to the cold of winter, to the desire to warm up in front of the fireplace or the stove with a hot drink in your hands.

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