Insta Nail System - Gel Extensions

"The power of determination will make you unstoppable" - Jean Charest

DETERMINATION: The quality of being determined to do or achieve something. Well, Libra Nails Lab and Laura @nailcoutureitalia teamed up with determination to find the perfect Nails Tips. 

Insta Nail Tips are nails extensions made in soft gel, 100% soak-off, studied to perfectly fit your natural nail. Their structure is extremely resistant, they do not bend and do not break. We have specially made them thinner around the cuticle area and thicker at the top for a perfect application according to the "Insta Nail System": the easiest and fastest method on the marketplace!

You just need the Insta Nail Kit: "Purifier" and "Pro Bond" are essential to prep your natural nails and your Insta Tips. 

Our "Strong Base" is the perfect gel glue, it will make the system lasting for over 4 weeks and our "Glossy Finish" will make your nails so shiny. 

 Attention: We suggest you to use a portable LED lamp as shown in the video.